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Going hard and giving everything you’ve got is great (and we’re not just talking about how you tackle happy hour), but recovering hard is just as important. Now, we don’t mean the naps we spy you taking on the sofas (fair play to those who make those happen during the bustle of the working day). No, we’re talking about the holistic treatments, low intensity classes, mindfulness sessions and recovery appliances we provide – all of which are packaged up in your membership.

Those who were awake last Monday will have clocked our massage therapists scurrying around the office floors, keeping you supple and ironing out your kinks, and those intense looking guns they pummelled your colleagues with? They’re from the Hyperice recovery range which we’ve installed in the gym.

Who are Hyperice?

Hyperice are a recovery company that aims to help people move better. They understand the value of resetting the body’s tissues, nervous system and mind and have a growing range of cutting-edge products to help people get the most from their active lives by preparing us for training (prehab) and aiding the recovery afterwards (rehab).

Why should I bother with pre or rehab?

Prehab is not to be sniffed at; if you start viewing the traditional ‘warm up’ as more of a ‘movement preparation’, you can approach this part of your training with more purpose and respect, and in turn will get more from your session (including better results). Perks of engaging recovery appliances in your warmups:

  • Sets you up physically to get the most out of your pending session (more bang for your effort)
  • Preparation is an important part of your warm-up process and it will set you up for success, helping to reduce pain and prevent injuries
  • Dedicating a ‘moment’ to do the things that YOU need to get yourself to the start line of your session, at your best means checking out of whatever came before and mentally checking into your body
  • A decent warm up will help increase your range of movement, raise the temperature of your muscles, and will help calm down your nervous system
  • Ensures the right areas of your body are switched on and active, whilst relaxing the tighter muscles which will lead to improved posture

Rehab and cooling down post-workout is vital and whether you’re a newbie to the gym or a seasoned pro, it is highly recommended to get in some specific recovery. As with all results-driven things, consistency is key and a one-off percussion gun thump to the thigh isn’t going to cut it. Now is the time to get habit building and here’s some science backed reasons why: 

  • Training can cause severe muscle pain, that’s because lactic acid accumulates in them. You can counteract this effect by increasing blood flow. So, if you’re struggling to walk after your floorbarre class, dip into the gym and give the Hyperice tools a go; they’ll help prevent the dreaded stiff legs the following day - or as we fitness folk like to call it, DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
  • Helps release tight knots which are the primary culprit for shoulder and back pain (the guns and trigger point balls can get deeper than human hands ever could!)
  • Improves overall flexibility by keeping your muscles limber as the vibrations synchronise your muscle spindles, which results in a better range of motion
  • Once muscles become more flexible, they become less prone to injuries and pain (result!)
  • Improved flexibility will also result in better posture and balance (win-win)
  • Improved immune system. This is because fewer knots and tight muscles means better drainage of the lymphatic system, meaning the body can excrete toxins and waste more effectively (talk about a positive chain reaction)

If you’re keen to get stuck into a new way of warming up and cooling down with the Hyperice station in the gym, here’s some more info on the tools we’ve provided:

The Foam Roller has long been the decorative item at home or the gym. It has been a plant stand, a door stop and has probably done less rolling than it should have, but there’s still time to make use of it as foam rollers shouldn’t be ignored!

  • They are great for reducing tension within bigger muscle groups, allowing for smoother movement patterns. This benefits your training by supporting good form and deeper ranges of movement (your back, glutes and hamstrings are great spots to target with the foam roller)
  • The Hyperice foam roller has 3 vibration speed settings. The vibration adds heat to the muscles making them more pliable and speeds up the process of down regulating tension

The Trigger Point Ball might sound dangerous (and on certain points of the body it can feel very intense) but these vibrating balls are fantastic for getting into the smaller areas of the body for targeted release.  

  • All the joys of the foam roller apply here too, but as the surface area is smaller it means the pressure is heightened, allowing you to pinpoint specific spots (goodbye shoulder knots) more easily
  • Your glutes, lats and the soles of your feet are great spots to showcase the benefits of the vibrating ball
  • Your feet are often the only thing on the ground when you’re training, and they can hold a lot of tension. Various studies show that many dysfunctional movement habits stem from poorly functioning feet, so get the ball in there and thank us later

The Percussion Gun is fantastic as it is user specific, meaning you can control the vibration speed and the attachment head, to adjust the shape and surface area being applied to your muscles.

  • These are handheld so you are in total control of the targeted spot and the amount of pressure being applied to make the most impact
  • These are great when a concentrated release is needed, especially in those harder to reach areas
  • Powerful percussion is beneficial when you’re short on time and need to adjust the pressure between multiple areas, in one sitting

For a deeper dive into the science and to follow a guided recovery sessions with Hyperice experts, take out 5–10-minute next time you’re in the gym and scan the QR code located on the station, where you can follow guided sessions using the tools provided. We apologise in advance for any newfound self-care addictions…


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